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I worked with Steinkellner China Search on finding the new Head of Operations for our plant in Shandong. Their dedication and commitment to promises make them the right partner for Sempertrans. They ended up delivering real value for money in a great time.

Henny van Biezen, General Manager, Sempertrans Best Belting

I am surprised that you are so professional to understand the position requirement and to understand me so quickly by the first call. I am even more surprised at your excellent Chinese.

Ian Wang, candidate for sales position

You are really a HIGHLY efficient person. I got your updates within just several minutes!

Mason Yuan, final candidate, technical plant manager, Sempertrans China

The candidates Steinkellner China Search proposed were among the best I’ve interviewed in China over the past years!

Dr. Markus Keller, CTO, Sempertrans

Taking a step forward to China is a challenge for a medium-sized enterprise, also due to cultural differences. Professionally and profoundly prepared by Steinkellner China Search, our staff’s fears of the unknown were stilled and their appetite whetted for China!

Nikolaus Griller, project manager, plant construction Shenyang

An enterprise with 800 staff has been active in China for already 10 years and has successfully set up a very good organization in China. A powerful sales personality was needed to take this organization to the next level in terms of sales engineering. Three top candidates were identified within five weeks. Congratulations to our client and the new Head of Sales and much success.

Sales Manager China, automotives & IT

THANKS, everything worked out so well! This project is really a beautiful success and we’re 99% sure that Tony’s the right guy for us. I do hope and expect that in two months, we’ll be 100% convinced that he’s the right one.

Raimund Trummer, COO, Dewetron

Success Story 1

Worst-case scenario: A subsidiary in the red

Starting position:

One of our client’s team in China had been unable to solicit new projects for over two years. The client’s Chinese branch was clearly in the red. There was urgent need for action.

Our task:

To identify an industrially experienced candidate (intralogistics industry) as general manager with a high level of sales management experience (track record), who would help the client in China to translate the given market potential into concrete turnovers and corresponding profits.

The result and three most important points of success:

Perfect match

Our candidate had a strong background in the intralogistics industry, in addition to considerable sales experience. At an advanced age, the candidate offered the necessary experience in dealing with crises and high stability compared to younger managers.

Good project duration

As the situation called for quick yet deliberate decisions, we were able to act rapidly due to our established network in China.


Since the new general manager for China was installed, our client has repeatedly noticed that, from an ongoing perspective, the candidate would get ahead more quickly than expected. The result has been an extremely positive development of turnovers.

Success Story 2

Construction of a new plant: Senoplast

Starting position:

Based in Piesendorf near Zell am See, the owner-run Senoplast company decided to set up a plant in China to service their customers in the Asian market.
In order to hedge such a large investment, it was necessary to find an experienced and suitable general manager for the plant.

Our task:

To identify a European and ideally German-speaking plant manager who would be experienced in setting up factories and have gathered management experience in China. Ideally, the candidate would speak Chinese.

The result and three most important points of success:

Perfect match

Industrial background / The candidate, a European, had already built up a plant in China and was fluent in Chinese.

Very short project period

The contract with the candidate was signed within three months after the project had been launched.

Very good chemistry

The chemistry was right between the candidate and our client, including his corporate culture. The candidate is very happy in his new role and is working at full speed on the new plant that is being set up on site in Suzhou.

Additional assets:

· We succeeded in meeting the client’s requests by precisely analyzing the sector.

· Close and highly productive consultation with the COO.

Success Story 3

A plant manager for Jiangyin: Grammer

Starting position:

The Grammer corporation operates six factories in China. Due to a retirement, our client had to find a new manager for one of these plants, remotely situated in Jiangyin.

Our task:

To identify a practiced plant manager highly experience in the production of seats for utility vehicles and all corresponding production processes – and at the right price.

The result and three most important points of success:

Perfect match

For more than two decades, the Chinese plant manager had been manufacturing the same product as Grammer: seats for the utility vehicle industry.

Successful multi-stakeholder management

We succeeded in coordinating divergent decision makers within the corporation and thus achieved a beneficial solution for Grammer in China.

Change Management

The requirements changed repeatedly and severely over the course of this project. While initially, the wish was to hire a European plant manager, the focus was then shifted to a Chinese manager. In addition, the job location was changed several times, as the factory was to be relocated. We were able to find candidates for all scenarios and finally facilitated a successful placement.

Success Story 4

Continuity in success: Dewetron

Starting position:

The COO of our Austrian client Dewetron, who was also responsible for the Chinese market, saw a need for action. Its Chinese general manager had participated in setting up the company on site (and also held shares in the company), yet he was losing motivation. The result was declining turnovers over the past years. Due to his current contacts within the aviation industry, he had become negligent of other segments, including the automotive segment. Market shares were to be recovered in important segments.

Our task:

To identify an industrially experienced candidate (measurement engineering) as general manager, with high-level experience in sales management (track record). He would help Dewetron in China to recapture lost market shares and develop new areas of growth.

The result and three most important points of success:

Perfect match

Sales figures have been on a continuous increase since the position was filled in November of 2017.

Successful multi-stakeholder management

The new Chinese general manager offered excellent value for money – in relation to customary conditions, his salary was economical (approx. 20% lower than with other candidates).

Change Management

Within a narrow time frame, we managed to fill the post and thus contributed to Dewetron’s continuing success.

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